Logistics as service: The client focussed

The client and their needs are our focus. PEGA Logistics is a partner for its clients. Our experienced team is motivated and working according to reliable and high quality standards. Intensive learning and understanding of the demanding global logistics market.


In our global network we shall ensure a smooth handling of all shipments together with our partners. The coordination between modalities, the preparation of necessary documents and completion of all customs regulations, we do this carefully and reliably.


Those clients of PEGA Logistics are regularly informed about the transport process. Any problems in the logistics chain, we solve, if possible automatically in the background.



PEGA Logistics offers excellent logistic solutions for all industries. Regardless of which product you are transporting, we find a solution. PEGA Logistics is the forwarder for all your logistic operations.


Transport Modes:

Efficient logistics - in many cases – does not only succeed if based on one mode of transport: therefor we at PEGA Logistics organize multimodal transport chains. The transport of goods by road, rail, sea and air, we analyze the organization of your logistics requirements and base them in the most efficient, profitable and environmental friendly transport chain.


Green Logistics:

Also for the environment multimodal transport is a plus. Freight by rail is more environmental friendly and sustainable. PEGA Logistics is committed to environmental friendly logistics, because that will be the challenge in the future.