Special Cargo

PEGA Logistics is your partner for individual transport solutions. The loading of bulk goods in containers is one of our core business. With special chassis, we can load loose materials vertical in 20' or 40' containers. The container is supported by the special chassis provided on the front, so your material can be easily loaded from the top of the container. This avoids time consuming and costly truck transport and transshipment of goods at ports. Years of dedication of our employees in the metal industry, we have excellent knowledge in this field.

For the transport of bulk goods, heavy vehicles, exhibition and concerts, we develop a simple and smooth transport process. PEGA Logistics also organizes the use of large mobile cranes and the coordination to the ultimate consignee. We characterize ourselves by an excellent pre-planning in every detail. As a result, deliveries and pick-ups at trade shows or other events are also possible.

Gabriele van Beem
Director Sales and Operations

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E-Mail: gabi.vanbeem@pega-logistics.com